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I have been a pioneer in many aspects of my life.  As a nursing student, I attended the first patient to experience a Lamaze birth at our hospital, and later as a childbirth educator, had the opportunity to open a hospital-based business including sibling classes, another first that ended up in a PBS documentary. With my childbirth classes, there was the ability to evaluate my teaching skills by serving as the "coach's coach", now called "doula".   As parents, my husband and I became pioneers in homeschooling before it was popular. When very few people had heard of the annual National Day of Prayer, held on the first Thursday in May, I became a pioneer for prayer in our state. And then, with the sudden passing of my husband 20 years ago, I pioneered widowhood. I believe that every widow becomes a pioneer at that moment. She begins to navigate a new future. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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