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Why Praise Helps, Lessons from the Life of Judah, Part 1

This is a four part series form a sticky-tab in my Bible. I cannot identify the speaker or origin.

Praise Creates Favorable Conditions

Have you ever thought of thanking God when a difficult situation presents itself? Thankfulness or praise is not a natural first response. Most tough situations reap a groan, a stress reaction, complaining, worrying, fear, and other negative emotions or actions.Thankfulness would be super-natural.

The word praise means to give honor to, to give thanks, to worship, to commend. It is what we do after a great performance or a surprise gift. We stand up and cheer, clap our hands, give honor to the artist or giver. The example of Judah in Gen 44:14-16 & 33-34 is one where we can see that giving honor to whom honor is due created favorable conditions for negotiating in a difficult situation. Judah spoke honoring his brother’s governmental position and his father’s needs. This broke through the years of hurt, deception and anguish.

Are you facing a difficult situation that might benefit with seeing a bigger perspective, a positive purpose in it? Ask God to show you something about which to give thanks, some way to honor him in spite of the trials. Open yourself to praise in the challenge.

Praise creates favorable conditions for negotiating in difficult situations.

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