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Why Praise Helps, Lessons From the Life of Judah, Part 2

Praise helps us move in new territory

In the story of Jacob’s travels with his family, Gen 46:28 describes a scene where Judah (praise) was sent ahead to get directions on which way to go. Could it be possible that by praying and praising God, we can get direction on where to go in our business dealings, in our activities of daily living?

Devotion time includes a way to jot down the distractions that would keep me from concentrating on Jesus. It often includes ideas and impulses for which I am grateful. This yields a list of things to do. From this comes my plan for the day, being sure to economize on my time, energy and gasoline. When I offer this list to God, asking him to interrupt me along the way with anything else he needs to include, I am amazed at how much more gets accomplished. He often moves me into new territory.

Are you planning a move? Are you willing to move into what God has for your day, rather than the limits you may have put into effect? Start your day with praise and see what God will do.

Genesis 46:28 “As they neared their destination, Jacob sent Judah ahead to meet Joseph and get directions to the region of Goshen….”

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