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Bit by bit I have been examining all of my spending:

· my necessary, (food, insurances, vitamins, cat food & litter – yes, I am a cat person at this point, but that too is being examined.)

· my unnecessary but relevant (gas for the car, specialty health foods and health care uncovered by insurances),

· my author business stuff (website, artwork for website, computer ink, paper,)

· my prayer expenses (zoom, travel),

· my entertainment (Audible, YouTube, Amazon prime, movies).

I never thought I would cost so much!!

Facing the truth is hard and dangerous, but necessary. If we look too long and too hard, discouragement and depression can set in. We begin living in this present world yet doting on past choices. Walking forward while looking back gets us into more trouble. Some of our past choices may have revealed character flaws and behaviors contrary to walking in confidence with God. Carrying debt through a credit card can be one of those choices.

Carrying a credit card balance may seem to be a normal part of life in this nation at this time. Spontaneous spending, lack of a written financial plan and denial of living above one’s means all goes along with the concept of credit card debt. Our intellect tells us that it is a foolish weight, to repeatedly pay interest on a debt that was the outcome of over-spending. When we plan to use a credit card without the cash in hand, we presume to live long enough to pay it off, even to the end of the day! Presume, according to Merriman-Webster, is “to suppose to be true without proof”. Ouch! Proverbs 27:1 reminds us: “Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.”

Additionally, agreeing with a credit card company to use their money for temporary pleasure also willingly puts the borrower under the authority of the lender. Yikes! The card becomes a false god, relied upon to support spontaneous spending and flawed thinking. Impatience, wrong focus, pure desire pushes out the concept that the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses is the same trustworthy God today.

God’s desire has always been for a relationship with mankind. As God, he sets the rules and one is for a people who will worship him alone. In Numbers 32:53 God is instructing Moses about going into the promised land. He says “Then you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you and destroy all their figured stones and destroy all their metal images and demolish all their high places.” He requires a pure place of worship without distractions of false gods.

Oh, Father in Heaven, we live in a world of many false gods and distractions. We need your help to purify our worship, our everyday life with You. Holy Creator of sun, moon and stars, forgive us for presumption, for submitting to false gods, and for impure worship. Continue to teach us your ways.

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